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Quintatech is a global mobile messaging specialist and mobile solution provider with the capability to terminate SMS in over 800 operators spread in 200 countries around the world. Quintatech was born in the Nvia Group with over 10 years experience in the telecommunication industry, and offices in 9 different countries spread throughout two continents and quality connection to over 30 operators worldwide transactioning millions of messages monthly. At Quintatech, we believe that efficient messaging solutions are a key tool in today’s mobile world, and that our products and solutions empower businesses to grow and reach new heights.

Our services


With Connection to Over 800 Operators All Around the World and backup plans for every destination!


Our IVR services allow users with landlines to access services usually managed through SMS, such as micropayments, contests and promotions.

SMPP & HTTP Integration

Fast and easy integration for end-users and SMS Hubs.
With high throughput, high availability and redundant platform, Quintatech can guarantee a high quality of service with a demanding SLA!

What else we provide?


30.000.000 SMS/Day

State-of-the-Art Platform

24H Support

Multicultural Team

Direct Connection
1 Hop Connection
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Nvia Group

  • Nvia is an enterprise from the information technology and communication sectors, specialized in Wireless Aplications, SMS and Voice.
  • Created in 2001, Nvia was one of the first advanced SMS platforms to operate in Spain where it continues to hold its headquaters. With it’s own tecnologies, Nvia offers SMS solutions to hundreds of companies in the several countries where it has presence so that these enterprises can launch Mobile Marketing campaigns, Interactive Comunication Services, or Micropayment Services.
  • It’s team is composes mainly of computer scientists, but a significant part of the team are specialists in SMS, Voice Solutions, Premium SMS, TVchat and WAP as well as graphical designers amongst others. Nvia’s centralized sistems, the direct connections to operators in the countries where it has presence and a very specialized structure allows Nvia to offer vanguard solutions at competitive prices.

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